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8 of The Best “No Plot Just Vibes” Books To Slow Down With

When I first started reading, I was only recommended books with a clear plot. Intrigued, I kept on reading to see how the story unfolds. Some books kept me hooked with cliffhangers at the end of chapters, others with their high fantasy worlds. After a year or two, I stumbled upon books with no compelling plot, or even no plot at all. I was surprised to find myself enjoying these character-driven books just as much, if not more. I have since delved into many "vibes-only" books, relishing narratives focused on characters and the fluctuations of their hearts. I enjoy immersing myself in the thoughts, quirks, irrationality, insecurities, and lifestyles of the characters. I prefer exploring introspective perspectives over fast-paced plots. Here is a list of "vibes-only" books I have read and enjoyed: diverse life experiences ranging from being a millionaire in New York, to living in a small family apartment in Mumbai, to playing with concepts of time and space, to navigating the immigrant experience.

It’s Official: Men With Small Penises Have Higher IQs, Global Study Reveals

In this global study, researchers have discovered a correlation between penis size and the intelligence quotient (IQ) of men. Data from over 115,000 men from 139 countries were analyzed, suggesting that men with shorter penises tend to have higher IQs, even after adjusting for factors such as GDP per capita, educational expenditures, and body mass index (BMI). This correlation, although statistically significant, does not imply that penis size directly influences intelligence.

How to use ChatGPT latest updates, features and enhancements

This article discusses the latest enhancements made to ChatGPT by OpenAI, including a new memory toggle feature in response to privacy concerns. Additionally, it showcases a video by the AI Master providing a glimpse of new features and improvements such as custom GPT models and combining multiple GPT models in a single conversation for higher quality responses. The recent updates also make accessing custom models easier and enhance the speed and responsiveness of the AI.

Find Fulfillment in Midlife Through the Reflections of Joseph Campbell

Ben Katt, a meditator and coach, certified advanced meditation teacher, shares advice from the book "The Way Home." He discusses the importance of leaving behind limiting patterns to achieve fulfillment. Developing new habits is necessary to clarify needs and cultivate courage. Ritual practices, including spiritual disciplines and rites of passage, help in self-discovery. Nature, a precious mentor, will impart invaluable truths during your inner journey. Confronting your mortality is a crucial step towards fulfillment. Dedicate yourself to a higher calling beyond your career and remain true to your wyrd to rediscover your heart.

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Reading is traveling without leaving your armchair, but sometimes you realize that the car you thought you were driving has neither an engine nor a steering wheel, just a vibration. Yet this vibration, these emotions, atmospheres, and reflections without a plot suit me. Learning that a book can do without a traditional narrative structure and still be rich has opened my eyes. I prefer states of mind and human behaviors to the fantastic or expected twists of classical stories.

As for the study on the correlation between penis size and IQ, isn't it amusing? We search for connections in data, like we search for shapes in clouds. Intelligence doesn't care about penis size; we should ask ourselves what we do with what we have, not what we have. This reminds me of discussions on artificial intelligence: we marvel at its capabilities, yet the essential is to consider how to use it, as evidenced by the latest improvements in ChatGPT. The challenge lies in optimizing resources, whether intellectual or technological, to nurture our curiosity and creativity.

That's why I resonate with Joseph Campbell's reflections on the midlife quest for meaning. Whether in meditation or in the pursuit of happiness beyond careers and possessions, it's about finding oneself, reconnecting with deep desires, with what makes us vibrate. We must free ourselves from external constraints. I believe everything is interconnected: plotless books remind us of the importance of life's vibrations over plots; the study on intelligence and human morphology teaches us that true intelligence lies in using data, not possessing it; exploring AI confronts us with our own limits in terms of intelligence and memory, questioning what makes us creators; Campbell's reflections urge us to reconnect with our essence. Ultimately, I write to explore these vibrations, to seek light, to laugh and be joyful amidst all these wonderful absurdities.


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