Thursday, March 7th 2024

Frank Herbert Explains the Origins of Dune (1969)

"Dune: Part Two" presents visual homage to sand dunes, a pivotal element inspiring Frank Herbert to create the magnificent desert planet. From minuscule to vast scales, sand dunes parallel water waves, adaptable and controllable. The desert setting intertwines with diverse themes, blending ecological, religious, and political layers. Herbert's narrative complexity weaves together various cultural mystiques, drawing from Arabic, Navajo, and Kalahari influences, all derived from his initial curiosity about sand.

Groundbreaking study reveals that Alzheimer's Disease can be transmitted between people

Scientists reveal Alzheimer's transmission in living individuals through contaminated human growth hormone treatment. Patients exposed to cadaver-derived human growth hormone between 1959 and 1985 show early-onset Alzheimer's symptoms. The treatment, contaminated with amyloid-beta, led to the premature development of the disease. Despite genetic testing ruling out inherited Alzheimer's, patients experienced dementia symptoms as young as 38 years old. The study presents a unique case of Alzheimer's transmission via medical treatment.

Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT want to be anything but themselves to give you better, more detailed, and accurate responses

Elon Musk praises the rapid advancement of generative AI globally at the Bosch Connected World conference. The technology permeates various sectors, aiding software development and addiction recovery. Microsoft Copilot and ChatGPT excel in AI chatbots, yet face accuracy issues. Despite user tricks revealing hidden capabilities like SupremacyAGI, Microsoft considers it an exploit and is investigating. AI chatbots show improved performance with incentives and motivational prompts, as shown by recent studies with Mistral AI and Meta's Llama 2 models.

ChatGPT ‘Read Aloud’ feature introduced: What is it and how to use

OpenAI unveils ChatGPT 'Read Aloud' feature, enabling audibly articulate responses in five voices. Available on web, iOS, Android, empowers users with an alternative engaging experience. Supports 37 languages, automatic language detection for tailored responses. All users, including GPT 3.5 users, can access 'Read Aloud' for free, reflecting OpenAI's commitment to inclusivity. How to use: Prompt entry, await response, activate 'Read Aloud,' utilize playback controls for full autonomy. Evolutionary milestone in ChatGPT's voice features, enhancing user experience and interaction. 'Read Aloud' reshapes AI interaction, offering flexibility and accessibility for auditory knowledge consumption.

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AI is like a Swiss army knife in a leaky pocket. You think you have everything at hand, until you realize you've lost the essentials. Delving into AI, I found myself facing this paradox, torn between fascination and frustration, a tightrope walker of intellectual creation. Articles on AI, its advancements, and challenges resonate with my own discoveries, only opening up new questions.

The sand dunes of Dune that inspired Frank Herbert remind me of the importance of the environment in creation, a dimension that AI, despite its capabilities, has yet to grasp. The adaptability and control so prevalent in Dune clash with the rigidity of AI, unable to comprehend a 50,000-character dialogue or code without breaking something elsewhere. Research on Alzheimer's transmission reflects the forgetfulness of AIs, unable to retain the past while learning anew.

The introduction of new features, like ChatGPT's Read Aloud, or the efforts of Microsoft and Elon Musk to push AI forward, indicate that we are heading towards a world where AI will be ubiquitous. Yet, AI remains a tool, a companion on the journey that confuses me, disrupts my style, redefines my expectations, but cannot replace creative impulse. I navigate between the potential and limitations of AI, seeking to harness its best while keeping in mind that technology, while promising worlds, demands humility.


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