Sunday, March 10th 2024

Scientist Terrified by How the Climate Is Falling Apart

The impending climate crisis alarms the public, as University College London professor Bill McGuire stresses the need for understanding the severity of our destabilizing climate. Despite resistance from politicians and corporations hindering necessary action, scientists aim to engage the public in catalyzing essential global changes. McGuire advocates for transparent communication of the harsh realities of the environmental crisis to inspire collective action without instilling hopelessness. In the face of unprecedented challenges like melting glaciers and collapsing ocean currents, the unvarnished truth about climate change is deemed transformative.

New details of water world with a boiling ocean uncovered - The Times of India

New findings from a renowned telescope reveal TOI-270 d, a planet 70 light years away, with a boiling-water ocean, hydrogen-rich atmosphere, and various compounds detected by scientists. Experts from the University of Cambridge suggest a completely ocean-covered planet without visible land, while Canadian researchers argue for a rocky surface due to scorching temperatures. The absence of expected compounds, like ammonia, supports the theory of an ocean beneath the surface. Tidally locked with extreme temperature variations, the planet features high-pressure oceans, tens to hundreds of kilometers deep, with a rocky core and ice seabed. Additional observations challenge the possibility of liquid water due to high temperatures, opening new perspectives on exoplanets and planetary systems.

La Grande Barrière de Corail victime d'un blanchiment massif des coraux - Euronews

Studies reveal a severe coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef. High and prolonged surface temperatures are responsible for this phenomenon, confirmed by the AIMS and the Marine Park Authority. This is the fifth bleaching event in eight years and is caused by climate change. A global phenomenon reflects the oceans' extreme heat and jeopardizes corals worldwide.

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The world is boiling, and not just the ocean of TOI-270 d. It's obvious, but it seems like we need to hear it over and over again, as if repetition could finally break through our indifference. I often find myself contemplating the immensity of the universe, marveling at the discovery of water on an exoplanet, and yet, here on Earth, we are playing with the thermostat as if we were masters of the global temperature. The Great Barrier Reef is bleaching due to a warming that we fuel every day, a bit like watching the destruction of Pompeii without doing anything to escape the eruption.

In this context, talking about the climate crisis almost becomes a stylistic exercise. I have spent years explaining the need for a change in attitude, dreaming of a world where Al Gore would have been elected president, imagining a different society. But the reality is that cars still buzz outside schools, summers are becoming increasingly sluggish, and despite the nightmares and warnings, we continue to live as if nothing is wrong. The scientist terrified by climate collapse is a bit like me every morning, except I'm not a scientist, just a disillusioned observer watching his house drift on the surface of his pond in his dreams.

Ultimately, what emerges from these articles and my own reflections is a kind of active fatalism. Yes, the situation is serious, but no, we are not doomed. I have always believed in human genius, whether technical or poetic. Perhaps our only hope lies in technology, in our ability to innovate, to find solutions where it seems there are none. But in the meantime, I continue to write, to add a bit of beauty to this world, because it may be the only thing left for us to do in the face of the magnitude of the challenge.


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