Monday, March 11th 2024

Identical twin study resolves whether a vegan or meat-based diet is healthier

The age-old saying, "You are what you eat," rings truer now than ever with respect to cardiovascular health. A recent study by Stanford Medicine researchers, published in JAMA Network Open, highlights the significant cardiovascular benefits of a vegan diet. This groundbreaking research, conducted over eight weeks, focused on twin pairs to isolate the impact of diet on heart health. The study involved 22 pairs of identical twins, showcasing the unique influence of a plant-based diet on cardiovascular well-being. Twins Carolyn Sideco, Rosalyn Moorhouse, Aleksandra Shaichai, Mariya Foster, Jean Jacquemet, and Janet Hurt participated in the study.

Beyond human intelligence: Claude 3.0 and the quest for AGI

Join Boston leaders on March 27 for networking and insights. Anthropic unveils Claude 3.0, setting AI standard above GPT-4. The Opus model shows near-human comprehension, pushing AI boundaries. The launch, sans hype, hints at AGI progress. Anthropic's AI Impact Tour in Boston, March 27, with Microsoft, focuses on data integrity best practices. Request invite.

Legal row could finally force mystery artist Banksy to reveal his real name

Banksy may have to disclose his real name due to a dispute over a print featuring Queen Elizabeth as a bejewelled primate. Two collectors are suing his company, Pest Control, for not verifying the authenticity of the artwork, stressing the importance of an authentication certificate for selling his work at maximum value. Banksy, a renowned graffiti artist, has maintained anonymity while mocking authority figures through public art. Speculation about his true identity has involved figures like Robert Del Naja of Massive Attack and Jamie Hewlett of Gorillaz.

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In a world where everything is categorized, everything is understood, reality is more subtle. I read articles on health, artificial intelligence, an artist's identity, and I think about my own reflections on creation, technology, authenticity. Studies on vegan and carnivorous diets remind me of the importance of individuality, of my search for novelty, not in the absolute sense, but within myself. Research on identical twins reminds me that even with the same genetic foundation, individual experience creates differences, just as my own experiences have taught me to accept the repetition of discoveries, not as a failure, but as proof of the uniqueness of the human experience.

The arrival of Claude 3.0, an almost human artificial intelligence, makes me smile. I have interacted with ChatGPT, tested its limits, and despite its performance, I have noticed its weaknesses, its inability to understand context or maintain a coherent discourse. Behind every technology, there is a promise, an ambition, but also a more modest reality. Technology, no matter how sophisticated, is merely a tool, incapable of competing with the complexity, the depth of human thought, or reproducing the creativity that emanates from a rich inner life.

As for Banksy, his legal issue raises questions for me about authenticity and anonymity in art. This resonates with my thoughts on art produced by AI, which, even if entertaining, lacks that connection, that transfer of energy between creator and viewer. By remaining anonymous, Banksy creates a distance that brings us closer to his work, encourages us to focus on the message, on the impact of the artwork. It is in this interaction that the essence of art resides, an essence that neither the most advanced technology nor the revelation of an identity can overshadow.


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