Saturday, March 16th 2024

In Cringe Video, OpenAI CTO Says She Doesn’t Know Where Sora’s Training Data Came From

OpenAI's CTO, Mira Murati, struggles to pinpoint the specific sources of training data for Sora, the text-to-video AI. Despite mentioning publicly available and licensed data, Murati falters when asked about YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook videos. The company's partnership with Shutterstock for training material is confirmed post-interview. Murati's evasive responses spark online debate on her transparency and knowledge as OpenAI's CTO.

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The article discusses forgiving the disappeared birds, unripened fruits, dead magnolia branch, broken clay pot, confessions not meant to be made, unasked questions, opened doors of silence, dreams, nightmares, laughter, unsaid words, steps into the unknown, leaning hedge, withering roses, laurel scent on broken fingers, touched happiness, glimpsed mirages, and being what we are.

This New Robot Is So Far Ahead of Elon Musk's Optimus That It's Almost Embarrassing

The video released by Figure, a startup collaborating with OpenAI, showcases the humanoid robot Figure 01 engaging in natural conversation and performing tasks like handing an apple and cleaning up trash. The robot demonstrates human-like behavior and reasoning abilities, impressing with its precision in following instructions. In contrast, Tesla's Optimus robot, while capable of tasks like walking and laundry folding, has been scrutinized for potentially relying on teleoperation for its demonstrations.

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The era of technological absurdity has arrived, and I find myself in it. Amidst the deluge of discoveries, I witness giants stumbling, robots outperforming us, and apologies being offered to nature. Man is losing himself in his creation, just as I lose myself in GPT or in the performance of my MacBook Pro.

The lack of transparency from OpenAI regarding the data of Sora, Figure's robot, resonates with the opacity that surrounded the departure of Sam Altman and Greg Brockman. I encounter the same difficulties in my experiments. Figure's robot outperforms Elon Musk's Optimus, much like I wonder if AI artists will eventually surpass me.

Seeking forgiveness from the elements of nature is a call to the essential, to reconciling with our environment, to connecting with the earth. We are vulnerable, dependent on a world we mistreat, yet we can dream, forgive, find beauty in the ephemeral. These articles remind me that we must remain human, even as technology and innovation redefine our relationship with the world.


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