Monday, March 18th 2024

Physicist Claims Universe Has No Dark Matter And Is 27 Billion Years Old

Sound waves fossilized in galaxies hint at an older Big Bang than thought. Physicist Rajendra Gupta's proposal challenges the Universe's age and the need for dark matter. His analysis supports claims of ancient oscillations in cosmic structures. Gupta suggests cosmic expansion is due to weakening forces, not dark energy. His tired light hypothesis could replace dark energy with changing particle interactions, explaining cosmic evolution without dark matter.

The Dawn of Grok-1: A Leap Forward in AI Accessibility

In an unprecedented move, xAI unveils Grok-1, a colossal Mixture-of-Experts model with 314 billion parameters, showcasing a commitment to open science. Trained from scratch using JAX and Rust, Grok-1 sets a new benchmark for AI development. Released under Apache 2.0 license, Grok-1 empowers global exploration and customization, heralding a new era of collaborative innovation in AI.

A New Discovery at Easter Island Could Rewrite History As We Know It

A study using radiocarbon dating on Rongorongo tablets from Easter Island suggests one predates European arrival. Rapa Nui people possibly independently invented the script around 1493 to 1509. The script's unique characteristics hint at no outside influence, challenging previous theories of European inspiration. Lead author Silvia Ferrara's research sheds light on the origin of Rongorongo, potentially marking a significant milestone in the history of writing systems.

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The universe, this vast cosmic joke, always seems ready to remind us how little we understand it. Between bike rides on the Larzac, I read articles that put me back in my place. One discussed a universe without dark matter, older than expected, another the arrival of an accessible AI named Grok-1, and the last one a discovery on Easter Island that could change everything. These news pieces were not unrelated to me. They taught me that our knowledge is in flux, that what we take for granted today could be disproven tomorrow.

The questioning of the age of the universe and dark matter reminds me of my mornings when I discover that our models may be as temporary as my handwritten notes on my iPad. The arrival of Grok-1, with its billions of parameters, makes me think of my ChatGPT applications, of artificial intelligence that can both inspire and terrify us. The discovery on Easter Island brings me back to my reflections on history and our ancestors, on how a simple artifact can upend our understanding of the past.

These articles, like my own research, have taught me that knowledge is a territory in expansion, where each new discovery forces us to reconsider our certainties. Whether we gaze at the stars, decipher the code of an AI, or unearth the secrets of ancient civilizations, we are all on a quest. If the universe is a neural network, then we are merely neurons trying to understand the brain in which we are immersed. We are all connected in this quest for understanding, a cosmic yin and yang where each discovery reminds us of how insignificant we are, yet capable of contemplating the infinite.


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