Tuesday, March 19th 2024

Scientists theorise that the Earth may be an intelligent entity

Astrobiologists suggest Earth may be an intelligent entity, with evidence of fungi communication hinting at a planetary intelligence. Fungi use a vocabulary of up to 50 'words' resembling human speech. The concept of 'planetary intelligence' encompasses the collective knowledge and cognition of a planet, crucial for survival. To address global challenges, such as climate change and biodiversity loss, viewing Earth as a living, intelligent being is essential. Indigenous Peoples and historical figures like James Lovelock have also viewed Earth as a living organism.

Cherry Trees from Japan to Washington D.C. Are Blossoming Early Due to Climate Change

Cherry trees in Japan and the U.S. bloom earlier due to climate change. Tokyo's sakura bloomed on March 14 last year, the earliest in Japan's history. Urbanization and global warming, with Tokyo warming 3°C in a century, contribute to this shift. The economic impact of sakura was estimated at 616 billion yen last year, leading to business opportunities for weather data providers. Warmer temperatures may impact the cherry blossom season, affecting tourism and cultural traditions like hanami.

8-hour intermittent fasting tied to 90% higher risk of cardiovascular death, early data hint

Intermittent fasting, linked to heart-related death risk, was studied in over 20,000 U.S. adults for eight years. Eating in an eight-hour window showed a 91% higher risk compared to a 12- to 16-hour window. Experts caution against intermittent fasting, highlighting the need for more data on its effects on diet quality and mortality risk.

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The Earth, this old lady, speaks to us, but do we listen? Reading these articles, I reflect on how we behave towards our environment and our bodies, never forgetting that we are parts of a whole. If the Earth is an intelligence, as the first article asserts, it is not alone. Nature is a network of intelligences, and we are not the only representatives.

The cherry blossoms, shifting their blooming, are another sign of our deafness and inaction. Climate change is not just a news headline or an election campaign issue, it is a living reality that affects everything, from plants to traditions. My stay in Florida, where people act as if the planet is not in danger, is reflected in this shift of seasons. We are all connected, from the bacteria in our microbiome to the large ecosystems that determine the Earth's climate.

Lastly, the article on intermittent fasting and its potential dangers reminds me that our attempts at control, over our environment or our bodies, can be counterproductive. We cannot impose our will on the Earth without suffering the consequences, just as we cannot manipulate our biology without understanding the effects. I come to think that everything is a matter of harmony, balance, with nature, with ourselves. Life is an exchange of information and energy. We can choose to participate in it or to stay apart. Perhaps the universe is a brain, and we, its thoughts, must learn to think beyond ourselves.


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