Wednesday, April 3rd 2024

OpenAI just released a Sora generated music video — and it’s like something out of a fever dream

OpenAI’s latest Sora release is a music video capturing a musician's visualized images. Sora, an AI video generator, produces multi-shot clips from text prompts. Artist August Kamp praises Sora as a breakthrough, removing visual limitations. The new video, Worldweight, is a surreal journey through a rain-soaked mind with ethereal music. Sora's public release, hinted by OpenAI, may come gradually this year.

Physicists reveal what lies beyond a black hole's event horizon

The study, led by Enrico Rinaldi, utilizes quantum computing and deep learning to decode the quantum state of the matrix model, revealing insights into black hole interiors based on the holographic principle. It bridges the gap between particle physics and gravity theories, exploring the equivalence between them in different dimensions within black hole geometry. By investigating quantum matrix models, researchers aim to understand the ground state of particles and gravity, crucial for material properties.

Accès à la nature : « En privant le citoyen du plaisir de cheminer à travers son territoire, c’est l’être humain qui se retrouve engrillagé »

The law "engrillagement" punishes crossing rural or forest private properties with a fourth-class fine. This legal shift restricts citizens to authorized routes, eliminating the freedom to roam nature. Some areas in France have already closed customary paths, leading to local protests. Property owners can now hire guards to fine hikers, turning them into common criminals.

Generated text

Artificial intelligence composes video clips, physicists unravel the mysteries of black holes, and the law restricts access to nature. What an era! I am of my time, I look ahead, I am curious, I am skeptical. The AI that transforms texts into images or music, I experienced it with Midjourney, marveling at its ability to surpass human creativity. Black holes, I pondered them at night, consciousness, the universe. The "enclosure" law, I faced the private appropriation of public space.

These three articles speak of a world in flux, where technology and science push the boundaries of knowledge, but where oppressive laws threaten our freedoms. The artistic AI questions the nature of creativity. Black holes, studied through quantum computation, reflect our thirst for understanding. The "enclosure" law shows how our freedoms are sacrificed for the benefit of a few. These three subjects prompt me to reflect on our place in the universe, our relationship with technology, our right to freedom.

Ultimately, these three articles remind me that we live in a world where the extraordinary coexists with the ordinary, where our thirst for knowledge and freedom encounters material and conceptual obstacles. Technology, science, law shape our world, and it is up to us to adapt, to understand it, to protect our freedom. We are infinitely small and yet we embrace the universe. An end is a beginning.


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