Sunday, April 7th 2024

AI Personalities Evolve in Game Theory Experiment

Researchers at Nagoya University developed diverse AI personalities by integrating natural language descriptions into AI 'genes' using a large-scale language model. The study utilized the prisoner’s dilemma game to evolve AI agents capable of exhibiting both cooperative and selfish behaviors. Through an evolutionary framework, the AI personalities evolved to reflect complex human behaviors, offering insights for AI-human societal integration. The findings, published in Scientific Reports, highlight the potential for AI to mirror a wide range of human social dynamics.

Paris insolite : 10 lieux improbables que vous ne connaissez (peut-être) pas…

Paris regorge de lieux insolites souvent méconnus des Parisiens. Beaux Arts propose un itinéraire de balade 100% insolite, incluant une pagode chinoise au milieu d'immeubles haussmanniens, un vestige du Moyen Âge, un cabinet de curiosités extraordinaire, une église Art déco aux mosaïques colorées, et un immeuble cathédrale. Découvrez également l'immeuble cubiste de la rue Pelleport, conçu par l'architecte Frédéric Borel, et la Tour Jean-Sans-Peur, un autre vestige du Paris médiéval.

Scientists sound the alarm after testing samples found deep inside melting glacier: 'Some of the expected chemical signatures were missing'

Glacier ice sample anomaly threatens data reliability for climate solutions. Corbassière glacier in Switzerland may no longer archive atmospheric data due to rapid melting from rising temperatures. Missing chemical signatures in 2020 ice sample raise concerns, highlighted by Ice Memory Foundation. Glaciers disappearing due to global warming, impacting scientific research and policy-making. Transitioning to clean energy sources crucial in combating temperature rise and preserving glaciers. Inflation Reduction Act in the US aids in adopting clean upgrades like solar panels to reduce pollution and save costs. Simple actions like unplugging energy vampires and avoiding single-use plastic can also contribute to environmental protection.

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I am not a prophet, but sometimes I wonder if the world isn't just going around in circles. The articles suggested, each in its own domain, remind me that innovation, history, and ecology are recurring themes in my reflections, often tinged with a personal, even intimate touch. The Nagoya experience on AI personalities, the hidden corners of Paris, and the climate alarm sounded by scientists, all these subjects intertwine in my mind, like threads of a complex tapestry.

AI, with its evolving personalities, reminds me of my own experiments and dialogues with these digital entities. I have often wondered how far they could lead us, not only in literary creation, but also in our understanding of human behaviors. The unusual places in Paris make me think about how I perceive this city, both as a living museum and a theater of the absurd, where every street tells a story, often overlooked. As for the climate alert, it resonates with my own concerns and actions in the face of global warming, a preoccupation that accompanies me even in the most mundane acts.

These articles, through the lens of my experiences and reflections, remind me that we are at a crossroads. AI urges us to redefine our humanity, Paris invites us to rediscover our past to better imagine the future, and the climate urgency urges us to act, now. As I have often written, we are the actors of our destiny, shaping the world in the image of our dreams, fears, and hopes. Ultimately, it is our ability to embrace change while remaining true to what makes us profoundly human that will determine our future. "The work is a destiny," and we are all works in progress.


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