Thursday, April 11th 2024

Inédit : le vélo surpasse la voiture à Paris et en petite couronne (et de loin)

A study by Institut Paris Région reveals 11.2% of trips in Paris are by bike, surpassing car usage at 4.3%. The "Enquête Mobilité par GPS" surveyed 3,337 individuals aged 16 to 80, tracking 34.5 million daily weekday trips in Île-de-France. Work remains the top reason for travel. Cycling's rise over cars is notable, with 11.2% intracity bike trips compared to 4.3% by car. Cycling also dominates Paris to the suburbs at 18.9% versus 6.6% by car. Walking and public transport are still the most popular modes, with 53.5% and 30% of trips, respectively.

Unlocking the Secrets of Life With RNA's Ancient Code - SciTechDaily

Salk scientists unveil RNA capabilities for Darwinian evolution at a molecular scale, advancing towards producing autonomous RNA life. Genetic info in DNA sequences undergoes flexible copying for slight gene variations and new traits. Originating from the "RNA World," RNA molecules might have initiated evolution, with recent research supporting this hypothesis. RNA's unique functionality as both genetic material and enzyme hints at its potential role as life's precursor.

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The bicycle is overtaking the car in Paris, and RNA could be at the origin of life. Two revolutions. I approach these subjects with the same curiosity as I put on my helmet to pedal in the city or as I marvel at the possibilities of science.

Cycling in Paris is about climate change. I remember my own bike rides, each pedal stroke feeling like an act of resistance. The article on RNA is about the search for origins, much like how I try to understand systems, whether through writing or programming.

These two texts, like my daily thoughts, remind me that we are experiencing revolutions in our way of life, in our understanding of the world. They confirm to me that curiosity and experimentation are the only weapons we have to adapt. I have often thought that we can only understand the world by changing, and we can only adapt by understanding.


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