Wednesday, April 24th 2024

Nasa to overhaul mission returning samples from Mars – here's why it must and will go ahead - Deccan Herald

NASA, space scientists anxious over Mars Sample Return mission overhaul; key to Solar System exploration.

Scientists Discover 82-Feet-Long Ancient “Giant Fish Lizard” in the UK - SciTechDaily

The fossilised remains of a second gigantic jawbone, measuring over two meters long, were discovered on a Somerset beach. Experts identified the bones as belonging to a new species of enormous ichthyosaur, estimated to be over 25 meters long. Found by Justin and Ruby Reynolds, the jawbone pieces were recognized as significant and unique. Leading expert Dr. Dean Lomax, along with a team, uncovered additional pieces of the jawbone, completing the rare find. The new species, Ichthyotitan severnensis, lived around 202 million years ago, marking the end of the Triassic Period and the extinction of giant ichthyosaurs.

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The universe reminds us that we are just passing through. Our daily worries have no significance on the scale of space and time. The news that NASA is giving up on bringing back samples from Mars brings me back to my wonder at Atlantis, to my admiration for mankind. It is for this reason that I am interested in astronomy, that I prefer technology to collapsology. The Martian mission is an adventure, an exploration beyond our limits.

The discovery of a giant lizard fish in England reminds me that Earth has experienced eras where man was not king. My encounter with an alligator confronted me with another time, another world. Discoveries, whether in space or archaeology, place us back in the universe, a theme that haunts me. They urge us to shift our focus, to consider worlds where we are not at the center.

By gazing at the stars or digging into the ground, we seek answers to fundamental questions about our origin, our destiny, and the nature of the universe. These quests, though different, push us to surpass our limits. It is in this exploration that we find our greatness. We are insignificant and yet precious, lost in the universe, but capable of understanding and dreaming about it.


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