Saturday, May 25th 2024

How to build your own Jarvis style ChatGPT-4o AI voice assistant with memory

The tutorial by Prompt Engineering guides you in creating a modular AI assistant, "Aiden," powered by OpenAI ChatGPT-4o. It covers audio capture with a high-quality microphone, transcription using the Whisper model API, query processing with GPT-4o, text-to-speech conversion via OpenAI's voice engine, and chat history management for context retention. The system architecture ensures accurate interactions through intelligent and context-aware responses. The tutorial emphasizes a modular code structure for Aiden, focusing on functions like recording audio with speech_recognition and transcribing it using the Whisper model.

Giant Structure Lurking in Deep Space Challenges Our Understanding of The Universe

Astronomers discover a mysterious colossal ring of galaxies in the distant Universe, challenging current cosmological understanding. The Big Ring, spanning 1.3 billion light-years, defies known structures. Led by Alexia Lopez, the finding suggests a need to revise the standard cosmological model. The ring, not a Baryon Acoustic Oscillation, perplexes scientists with its corkscrew shape. It questions the Cosmological Principle and existing size limits, hinting at potential flaws in cosmology.

The Surprising Discovery of Imaginary Numbers

The Impossible Problem of the Cubic Equation: ancient civilizations attempted to solve the cubic equation for thousands of years without success. Luca Pacioli in 1494 concluded it was unsolvable. Ancient mathematics relied on geometric reasoning, limiting solutions due to aversion to negative numbers. Scipione del Ferro's method solved depressed cubics, inspiring Niccolo Fontana Tartaglia's algorithm. Gerolamo Cardano discovered the solution for the full cubic equation, including the x² term, leading to the invention of imaginary numbers.

The Ring of Shadows

In a corner of the universe, beyond our galaxy, a ring of galaxies stretching over 1.3 billion light-years has been discovered. A team of scientists from the Cerro Paranal Observatory in the Atacama Desert is preparing to study it.

Dr. Alexia Lopez, an astrophysicist, leads the expedition. She is accompanied by Tim, a mathematician, and Aiden, an artificial intelligence engineer.

The initial images show a spiral ring. Alexia seeks to understand how it was formed.

Tim struggles with the equations. He recalls the story of George Dantzig, who accidentally solved math problems considered unsolvable. He decides to approach the equations with a free mind.

Aiden programs Jarvis to analyze the data in real time.

One evening, Alexia suggests that the Ring of Shadows could be evidence of the existence of a neural universe. Tim delves into frantic calculations.

Tim solves several key equations. He discovers that the galaxies seem to be moving along trajectories influenced by unknown forces.

Aiden uses Jarvis to simulate scenarios based on Tim's discoveries.

After weeks of work, they reach a conclusion: the Ring of Shadows is a kind of universal memory.

In front of the giant screen at the observatory, Alexia, Tim, and Aiden contemplate the results of their research.

As the sun rises over the Atacama Desert, the team feels closer than ever to the very essence of the universe.

They know that their journey is only just beginning, but for now, they savor the triumph of their discovery.


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